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 Health Tips

Beetroot is quite a famous addition to salads or even juices. Its beautiful flavor, as well as the richness of vitamins and minerals, can affect your health and appearance in all the positive ways.

It can prevent the aging process due to the antioxidants contained in it. The effect of wrinkles and spots will be reduced if you follow this recipe:

1. Have a medium size beetroot, peel it, and slice into small pieces
2. Put the beetroot pieces in a blender and blend until there are no chunks inside
3. Use a strainer to separate the pulp and the juice
4. Take the juice using a cotton ball and tap on your face
5. Wash off after 10 minutes and use a mild face wash after

You should do this once a week before you go to sleep.

You can also use it to keep your skin hydrated as well as getting rid of blemishes and improve your pigmentation, due to the Vitamin C capable of fixing discoloration.

Beetroot juice can help improve the quality of your hair and prevent premature hair loss. This is due to the high level of potassium. Not having enough of this mineral is the main cause for hair problems. Potassium affects the growth of our hair, so drink beetroot juice to promote hair growth.

If you want to add some burgundy highlights to your hair you could always:

1. Mix henna and beetroot juice.
2. Leave the mixture on your hair for about two hours.
3. Rinse after and use shampoo to accentuate your new hair color.

If you have itchy scalp and suffer from dandruff, use beetroot, which has silica and other enzymatic properties helpful in this situation. Your hair will also be soft and shiny. Put some vinegar in the juice and apply to your hair.

Beetroot is good for every aspect of your existence so make sure you start using it as soon as possible and check out its wonderful power!