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 Health Tips

Lemon water is a very popular beverage in the morning for many people. There are numerous good reasons why this daily routine is so often practiced.

Even experts are amazed at the benefits of this simple mixture, which contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that can strengthen your immune system and prevent numerous diseases and conditions.

Lemons are abundant in antioxidants, essential oils and other nutrients that improve the overall health.

Moreover, they’re effective against bacterial infections and improvement of the immune system. By consuming it in the morning on an empty stomach they boost the functions of the digestive system, balance the pH levels and effectively preventing a variety of ailments. Only one cup of lemon water is enough Vitamin C for the daily intake.

So, what is the mistake that people do when practicing this beneficial method?

According to the scientists, the peel of the lemon is more beneficial than the actual fruit. Just by squeeze the lemons you throw away the peel and that is the biggest mistake.

The best preparation method is to squeeze the lemons and then grate the peel. Furthermore, use warm water to make this beverage twice is much effective.

By doing this not only you will improve the digestion, but also prevent insulin spikes which can lead to diabetes. Also, you’ll boost your gastrointestinal tract and optimize the food digestion which is vital for faster weight loss.

Try this new method the next morning and you’ll definitely feel the difference in a very short time. Enjoy this extremely beneficial remedy every morning and stay healthy and energized.

Source: Organic Health Solution