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 Treatments : Course of Panchakrma Treatments

Ayurveda always prescribe a course of Panchakrma Treatments with a minimum of 7 days duration and a maximum of 28 days for the wellness and for the treatment of diseases, it may vary in accordance with the chronic nature of the diseases. The duration of 7 days and its multiplies – 7, 14, 21 and 28 are truly the divisions of time in line with the lunar cycle. The influence of the lunar cycle in the bio-rhythm of the human body has also been taken in to consideration while fixing the duration of the course of Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatments. Similarly the time of administration of the therapeutic treatments in a day is also very important.

All Ayurvedic treatments start with putting the hand with medicine inside, over the head of the person who is receiving the treatment with a silent prayer from Rig veda;

Ayam mae hasto bhagava -
ayam mae bhagavattarah
ayam mae visvabhesa-
joyam sivabhimarsanah

Oh God, My hand is God himself
My hand is better of yours
My hand is the sum of all medicines
My hand is the sum of all the good (Healing)